Quality of Life Concerns

Q is for Quality of LifeOver the years, I have helped others with some aspect of improving their health. Most people come to me for physical therapy and/or nutrition aiming to improve their quality of life.They want fewer aches and pains. Few pounds. Stronger bodies. Stronger …

Over the years, I have helped others with some aspects of improving their health.

Most people come to me for physical therapy and/or nutrition aiming to improve their quality of life. They want fewer aches and pains. Few pounds. Stronger bodies. Stronger willpower.

Each of those incorporates improving their quality of life.

Quality of life is something that we often think about as an end of life concern.

I challenge you to think earlier in life.

Longevity is something most of us strive for. I’d be willing to bet if you follow my work, are reading this post, or interested in improving your health you are searching for the hidden key to longevity.

Living a long and healthy life has been the primary pursuit since the dawn of time. Movies are made about finding the fountain of youth (remember Cocoon?). Quotes about being young, like George Bernard Shaw put it, “Youth is wasted on the young”, suggests until we get older do we really appreciate what a gift youth really is.

But what if getting older doesn’t mean losing our quality of life?

What if living in our “golden years” really can encompass enjoying adventure and staying active?

I promise you, it can!

Quality of life conversations don’t only have to be an end of life decision in a nursing home.

Quality of life can be obtained with three simple keys.

  1. Nutrition  

  2. Sleep  

  3. Purpose


#1 – Nutrition

Ideal nutrition boils down to getting ample protein. Yes, it’s that simple. Read this detailed post on protein and how the vast majority of us are not getting nearly enough each day.

We need chewable protein from animal sources.

Drinking protein shakes and meal replacements not only skips vital steps in digestion, but they are also often filled with ingredients we can’t pronounce.

When we give our bodies the protein it’s really craving, those false cravings of sugar fade away.

Quick tip:  start with doubling your protein.

#2 – Sleep

If this weren’t a nutrition article, I would have started with sleep.

It’s that important.

Without proper sleep hygiene, any other attempts at improving your health are often thwarted.

Getting better sleep for free are in full detail in this post.

Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll be off counting sheep in no time.

  • Get blue light between 7 – 11 am (natural sunlight is best)

  • Sleep in a dark room – no nightlights or alarm clock lights if possible.

  • Stop using all electronics (TV, phones, video games) at least 2 hours before bedtime

  • Prime sleeping time is 10 pm – 4 am, but shoot for 9 pm – 6 am.

  • If you work night shifts, contact me here and I can give you other tips to help.

#3 – Purpose

Without purpose, we have no hope. I hate to sound so gloomy, but it’s true. I believe we are all meant for a specific God-given purpose. Rick Warren’s book Purpose Driven Life explores this very subject with amazing detail and direction. Even if you do not believe in a Creator or God, I’m sure you can acknowledge that without purpose, life seems bland, less-than, or even in extreme cases, not worth it. I’m here to urge you to discover your purpose if you haven’t already. 

I believe we shift our purpose throughout life. Maybe a career change. A different role in your family. A shift in friendship circles. While those transitions can be challenging, they are opportunities to bloom in a new and exciting way. Having a strong support system helps us find and fine-tune our purpose. Look for others with similar interests. Volunteer. Look for people who will be honest with you – with love. Find those people who will encourage you – and that you can encourage.

Life is not meant to do alone. Need help with finding your purpose? 

Try starting with a gratitude journal. I honestly thought gratitude journals were cheesy and pointless just a few short years ago.

But then I started one. It changed my life for the better.