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What Is the DUTCH Complete Hormone Test?DUTCH is an acronym:D – DriedU – UrineT – Test forC – ComprehensiveH – HormonesThe DUTCH Complete hormone test is a full, one-day hormone test that includes: Estrogen (neither men nor women want too much!)Estrogen metabolites (how you break …

What is the DUTCH complete hormone test?

DUTCH is an acronym:

  • D – Dried

  • U – Urine

  • T – Test for

  • C – Comprehensive

  • H – Hormones

It is a one-day test that looks at:

  • Estrogen (neither men nor women want too much!)

  • Estrogen metabolites (how you break down and detoxify estrogen)

  • Testosterone (both men and women need to have enough)

  • Progesterone (important for fertility and in peri-menopause)

  • DHEA (a sex hormone precursor)

  • Pregnenolone (the mother of all hormones)

  • Cortisol (don’t want too much or too little)

  • Melatonin (an antioxidant found in your gut and brain that helps you sleep and more)

  • Some vitamin and neurotransmitter markers necessary for optimal health

  • And more!

Traditional blood testing doesn’t tell the whole story.  It can often be misleading.  Testing for urine metabolites gives a more accurate picture of how your body is making hormones, using those hormones, and if your liver can break down and remove the waste from those hormones.

Hormones can be the cause of changes in your body and making simple adjustments in foods, supplements, and habits can improve or even heal those symptoms.  

Knowing exactly what areas to address becomes clear with results from the DUTCH Complete Hormone Test.  Also, ensuring your diet has the ideal building blocks is key to balancing your hormone production, regulation, and excretion.  

DUTCH Results can help clarify why you are feeling how you are feeling.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms creeping into your life?

  • Mood (anxious, frustrated, or weepy)

  • Sex drive

  • Weight

  • Muscle Mass

  • Energy

  • Sleep Quality 

… then the DUTCH Complete may be a great way better understand why these changes are happening and how to correct them.

The DUTCH test analyzes:

  • The health and output of your adrenal glands

  • How your body is using and removing cortisol (stress)

  • Your levels of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone 

  • Levels of some nutrients such as B6, B12, and glutathione

  • Estrogen metabolite ratios (relate to cancer risk, PCOS, and fertility)

  • Hydroxylation & Methylation activity (markers of detoxification)

  • Insight into some neurotransmitters, nutritional status, toxicity, and oxidative stress

Are you ready to really understand what your hormones are doing?

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